Activision: DJ Hero tour


Launch Activision’s new DJ Hero music video game to a credible 16-24yr old audience.


Strategic platform: DJ Hero Tour

Link DJ Hero with the ultimate household DJ hero – Zane Lowe.

We knew we had to bring DJ Hero to life in the minds of the consumer and the best way to do this would be by association with a respected DJ name. The ambassador had to be a big enough name to ensure maximum sales for Activision, whilst having the credibility to receive kudos from the wider DJ industry.

This led us to identify Zane Lowe for his role as a hugely recognisable broadcast DJ coupled with his credible positioning as a live act. By making Zane the face of DJ Hero we would raise the product profile sky high, driving consideration amongst a young aspirational audience and subsequently boosting sales at launch.

We negotiated and secured a deal with Zane and created the ‘DJ Hero Tour’ – a national tour consisting 25 live dates across clubs and student unions in the UK in the lead up to the launch. We opted for a tour rather than a standalone event to ensure maximum traction. Zane fronted and played every event under the DJ Hero banner. Each venue received extensive DJ booth & venue branding, with visuals from the game being used on the stage screens.

To extend the campaign, we created compelling ‘behind-the-scenes’ content featuring Zane – building recognition and brand fame within the digital space. Zane shared this content through his own sizable social & influencer networks.

Zane’s involvement was extended to press activity, voiceover work, and consultancy on the development of the game itself.


  •  50,000 of the target audience in attendance at the events
  •  DJ Hero was stated to be the highest-grossing new game launch of the year


“To have Zane involved is fantastic both from an endorsement perspective, but also because of the advice he can give us – Zane is a renowned musician, DJ and broadcaster and is massively respected in the music business”

Ian McClellan, Senior Brand Manager – Activision

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